Seven Ideas To Help You Top 10 Best Beaches In Vietnam Like A Pro

It will be the perfect environment to set your mind free, observe lives around you and appreciate it. That kind of moment in life doesn't happen that often. It will be just you and nature.

But if you are looking for a place to settle down, Dam Trau should be ideal. Con Dao itself is amazing with a lot of activities. May to October is the season of sea turtles nesting and hatching, so maybe you can partake in the wonder of releasing them into the sea.

Between February and July is the time for divers as the water is clearest at this time range. March to June will be ideal for those who are on their honeymoon and looking for a quiet place with a romantic beach. With lovely pool, well-cared-for grass, 365-day live music at night, great service and a perfect natural yoga studio, it is top notch.

However, if you are waiting for a name, the Joe Cafe or Joe Boutique is the place that we'd recommend. Mui Ne is considered as the capital of resorts in Vietnam, so there shouldn't be any problem in finding a good accommodation for your trip. If you've never done it before, don't worry, there are also classes for newbies here and they are going to teach you how to surf for the 1st time.

You can hire a kite to surf from anywhere along the beach. Mui Ne is an optimal place for surfing, especially kite-surfing. July is the high season for tourism, so there will be good deals on the resorts but if you want to avoid the busy time, then avoid those months.

From April to August, it is less windy, the ocean is calmer. November to April is the windy season, so is the perfect time to surf. The weather is warm all year and full of sunlight.

You can visit Mui Ne any time of the year. You can always find your way to an empty spot and rest under the sun, though. With its long beach, Mui Ne has been transformed into a resort destination and now has more than a hundred beach resorts, as well as restaurants, bars, shops, and cafes.

Mui Ne is a coastal fishing town in Binh Thuan province in the south central coast of Vietnam. If you're staying in Ho Chi Minh and looking for a beach escape from the city, look no further because Mui Ne is the best option you can find. With the well-designed interior, spacious suites and common area with very vietnamtravel helpful hosts who will give you tons of great recommendations literally about everything you need to know, you can't find a better place.

Tucked away in the alley but it takes only 2 minutes walking to the beach, 5 minutes to the night markets, and 15 minutes to the central part of the city where it is lived, the location is gold. For accommodation in Nha Trang, Christina's Nha Trang is your best choice. The combination of the ingredients creates an explosion of taste in your mouth.

Doc Let is where you can find the famous dish called Nem Nuong - the meat sticks eaten with special kinds of greens and typical rice paper. Do bear in mind that the price should be bargained a little bit, especially when you are a foreigner. In addition to home-made dishes, they sell fresh food for you to buy and cook yourself as well.

Fresh shrimp, sea snails, lobsters, etc are provided by small street/beach-side vendors or family run shops in the area.

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